Taking Care Of Your Piano

Piano Tuning And Repair Services

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Did you know that your grand or upright piano is made up of over 7000 parts? If looked after on a regular basis it can last a lifetime. Regular expert maintenance and due consideration given to its environment will pay dividends for years to come.

How To Ensure Your Piano Lasts A Lifetime

Regular Tuning

Pianos should be tuned at least once a year. Regular tuning ensures the piano sounds as it should, helps keep the piano at its optimum pitch and stabilises the tuning of the piano. A piano left for long periods without tuning can drop in pitch, making it difficult for it to be played with other instruments. Also, regular tuning acts as a check on problems arising.


With use, the felts and other parts of the piano wear and compress over time. This can affect the touch and response of your piano. Regulation of the piano action uses minute adjustments to maintain the correct touch.

Positioning Your Piano

The ideal position for your piano is on an inside wall away from radiators, damp, draughts and direct heat. It should be kept at a constant, even temperature and humidity. If conditions are too hot and dry, wooden parts can shrink and crack and permanently damage your piano. Damp wood can swell and the metal can tarnish. Never keep your piano in a cellar or conservatory. Appliances can be obtained to help maintain the humidity of your piano.


Over time the felts on the hammer heads which strike the strings become worn and compressed. The tone becomes uneven. New pianos may have a brighter tone than you would like. Toning is a process where the surface of the felts is pricked to soften them and mellow the tone. A process to brighten the sound of an over soft piano is also available.

Cleaning Your Piano

Most modern piano finishes need little more than dusting. Older models may be French polished and can be maintained by a suitable polish. Do not use a polish containing silicone on your piano. Most keys can be cleaned using a slightly damp cloth. Never attempt to vacuum the inside of your piano!

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